The Competition


The Olymp’Arts bring back the “art olympiads” of ancient Greece, founded in 566 BC.

They concern all countries and all artistic disciplines.

These olympiads will take place every four years, the third year after each sports olympiad, thus respecting the original calendar of the ancient Greeks.

Their duration will not exceed three weeks.

The Olymp’Arts is a challenge to all artists, amateurs or professionals, on the Earth.

It is by collecting the assessments of the global public, through unique criteria, that the works having received an universal recognition will be revealed to the whole world at the events.


  • Gather the peoples

The Olymp’Arts aim to demonstrate the major role that art can play in building a better world. Its aim is to bring together people from different cultures around works that reflect unique values ​​such as universality, harmony and nonviolence, and to prove that art carries deep and lasting values.

  • Promote the great artists of tomorrow

The Olymp’Arts want to promote the great artists in the making of the world. Sharing their passion and their talent, they will be put on the front of the stage as many examples to follow. By highlighting their creations, these artists will become ambassadors and ambassadors for positive change. Art will demonstrate its great ability to bring people together and contribute to better education and therefore a better quality of life.

  • Design a better future for art

The Olymp’Arts are the best opportunity to achieve all that can be accomplished through art. Successful Olympics are those that offer a true universal celebration, leaving a positive imprint.


“Beauty will save the world!” – Dostoïevski 1821-1881

Like Dostoïevski, we believe that it is the combination of universality, non-violence and harmony that make the beauty of a work.

Taken separately, the powers of these 3 values ​​are insufficient.

For the first time, an artistic gathering will impose these humanist values ​​in an exhaustive way to its artists.

This is an unprecedented artistic experience whose goal is to provide the greatest number of jubilation and immediate joy, without requiring any prior knowledge.

If this subjective experience is shared by a large number of peoples, it will be truly universal.

  • Universality

The Olymp’Arts will demonstrate the fundamental role of art in improving everyday life. Universality will guide artists and works in a search for emotions, harmonies of forms and sounds common to all cultures.

  • Non-violence

A vector of communion and peace between individuals and peoples, art in all its forms opposes violence. Thus, all the works presented will have to carry the non-violence, original value of art and Olympism.

  • Harmony

Harmony involves combining into a balanced whole of the qualities of body, will, and spirit. The works of art presented must therefore be at the service of the harmonious development of man and tend towards an aesthetic ideal.


The artistic works presented must be original creations and not be more than 8 years old.

The theme represents a complementary value that accompanies each competition.

It aims to direct the composition of works around a universal subject.

The theme is exclusively proposed and decided by the organization and will be different for each competition.

It will be announced at each registration opening, 2 years before each event. It is imposed in each of the twelve disciplines and must be respected by all participants.

The theme of this first modern “Olympiad of Art” is “environment and energy”, in the spirit of sustainable development.

Symbols of an era, environment, energy and respect for the environment are, in all their forms, the central concern at the beginning of the 21st century, and our most beautiful challenge for tomorrow.

A universal concept that we must think about, that we must reinvent, develop and protect.

This involves the invention of new renewable energies that will preserve the environment and help the world to grow peacefully.

Artists are the messengers of this new world.


The Olymp’Arts will begin with an opening ceremony that will reveal the event and the participating artists.

For the next days, the artists will present their works in full to the world public.

The visual-audio disciplines (Animation, Art of the gesture, Synesthetic art, Cinema, Dance, Music, Video Games) will unfold – according to the duration and the time of assembly and disassembly – every day, alternately, on the stage of different rooms dedicated.

All static disciplines (Architecture, Art Crafts, Comics, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Photography) will be permanently displayed in reserved rooms, every day during the event.

During these days, the works will be categorized by the global public according to a rating system established on the same four criteria: universality, non-violence, personal sensitivity and respect for the theme.

The aggregation of the votes will determine the top works that received the universal recognition of the global public in each discipline.

The last day of the Olymp’Arts will be devoted to the delivery of the trophies of equal value and the closing ceremony.


For each work presented, during the selections on the Internet or during the event itself, the world public will have to decide on the following 4 points and by a system of notation which will be communicated to them in due time:

  1. Universality (immediate understanding by all cultures)
  2. Non-violence (neither aggression nor vulgarity nor propaganda)
  3. Harmony (emotion felt, positive and jubilant)
  4. The imposed theme of the Olympiad


Selections of artists, in each discipline will be made on 6 successive levels, in the following chronological order.  The first 5 selections will take place online and the 6th will be physical in the city host.

  1. Pre-selection and classification of the raw material received (pilots and extracts) by the organizers
  2. Online selection by the global audience (world public registered – aesthetic criteria)
  3. Free parallel selection for all audiences via social networks (aesthetic criteria)
  4. Selection by professionals from among the artistic works already selected and classified in the 2nd and 3rd level (aesthetic and technical criterias)
  5. New selection by the online world public of all the works previously selected in the 4th This selection, limited in number, will determine the participants who will come to the olympiads (the number for each discipline will take into account the logistics available in the host city)
  6. During the olympiad itself, the final ranking of the winners will be made by the world public located in the host city and by the world public online simultaneously


Trophies will be awarded in accordance with the global public ratings.

The artists will present themselves to benefit from the global promotion.

Three trophies of equal value will be awarded in each discipline and will reward the three finalist works at the same level, without valuing any of the three.

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