What is the theme of OlympArts 2019 ?


The theme of this modern art olympiadis energy.

This theme is the symbol of a timeEnergy, in all its forms, is indeed the central concern at the beginning of the XXst century. This concept of energy concerns us all, because we can, and we must think, design it, save it and invent it. Invent new energy that will help the world grow peacefully. These new energies await us.They are there, both hidden and under our eyes. Let us open our eyes to light, to harmony, to energy, to physical and creative. Those who make it emerge in all its forms and in all fields are real artists!

What are the different steps of the competition ?


throughout the year 2017

Directly from the website, artists and the world public can register for OlympArts in 2019.


until December, 31st, 2017

Directly from our website, artists will transmit an excerpt of their work to us (trailer, soundtrack, drawing, image, photography, video, see disciplines rules).


from March, 31st, 2018 to August, 31st 2018

Always from our website, the global public will participate by voting on works’ excerpts, anonymously and randomly, depending on four criteria : universality, non-violence, personal sensitivity, theme respect. 220 works will be retained for the final.


the final in August 2019

In the host city selected, global public, visitors and online public, will divide works chosen during the step 3 in order to reward three artistic creations in each discipline.

What are the different phases of the artists’ registration?


Register your profile

The registration is the first step in your Olymp’Arts adventure. Basically, it is done by form. After completing and validating the registration form, you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration. It will also contain an Internet link that will allow you to choose the discipline(s) in which you would like to participate.


Choose your discipline

This second phase of your registration allows you to choose the discipline(s) in which you wish to compete. After clicking on the link in the confirmation email of your registration, you will see a form regarding the disciplines that you should complete and validate: in case you want to participate in several disciplines, you will have to click again on the same link and complete the form a second time.

Attention : If you register twice or more times in the same discipline, Olymp’Arts reserves the right to disqualify you.


(for groups)

Register the profiles of the members

As a group, you have one more phase to complete. You will have to complete the registration form for each member of the group. To do this, you only have to specify that you want to add a member at the end of the form in order to enter the information of another member.


Finalize your registration

Last but not least, phase 4 demands you to finalize your registration. To do this, simply use the link that will be sent to you via e-mail and send us your extract of work before December 31st, 2017.

What is the role of the global public ?



Register at any time, including during the Olympics

Before becoming an active member of the global audience, you must first register! This is done via the form above that you will need complete and validate in order to join us in this exceptional competition.


Note the excerpts

It is during this second phase that your role is determinant. In fact, after viewing the excerpts, you will be responsible for rating them according to four criteria: universality, non-violence, personal sensitivity, compliance with the theme.


Note the final works

Your final goal will be to note the 220 works elected in Stage Two, which will be presented at the Olympics in the host city in 2019. According to the same criteria as during the first vote, you will reward the three works that stand out in each discipline.

What are the 11 disciplines?

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