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March 2022

Last news

Due to COVID 19 and the current world context, significant changes have been made to our schedule.

The first “Olymp’Arts” (2023) will finally take place in Geneva (Switzerland) due to its territorial neutrality and international organizational facilities.

China will host the next “Olymp’Arts” in 2027.

The period of this world premiere (July 2023), the exact duration (approximately 2 weeks) and the details of the general organization will be confirmed soon.

The new “Olymp’Arts” website will be officially launched and published worldwide on May 1st 2022.

If you have already registered your candidacy on this actual website, all you will have to do is to confirm it on the new website, the URL link of which will be given to you.

You will therefore receive a personal email at the beginning of May 2022 which will allow you to confirm your registration and start downloading your works.

A few more weeks of patience!

December 2021

Next steps

A few more weeks of patience and you will receive a message to proceed to your final registration on a dedicated account which will allow you to access your personal data.

We’re sorry for the delay, but the new website should work perfectly and the testing period is a bit longer than expected.

2022 will be the year of all registrations, sending of artworks and selections.

Happy Christmas and New Year !

The Olymp’Arts team

July 2021

New website

The new Olymp’Arts website is almost ready, but before open it to the public we will have to begin a period of testing on all continents during the summer of 2021, because we need to reach a level of perfection regarding ergonomics, comprehension and opening speed of all pages of this new website. An international press conference is scheduled for Autumn 2021, when all tests will be successfully completed. You will then receive the necessary instructions to confirm your application by completing your profile in a personal dedicated account.

We will keep you informed regularly on this “News” page.

The Olymp’Arts team

May 2021

New concrete information soon

Today, our teams are addressing more specifically to all candidate artists who have registered online since 2017. Their long patience will soon be rewarded with the information and interactions of all kinds that we are in the process of setting up. The pandemic (Covid 19) has slowed us down considerably in our organization, and new guidelines will be communicated to you personally before next summer. Our teams, as well as in China than in Europe, are currently doing a tremendous job to give all artists around the world an opportunity to showcase their talent and be recognized internationally. They prepare an exceptional environment, both numerically and physically, to receive all the candidate artists that the Chinese artistic world is eager to welcome.

Nice surprises await you, with the possibility of opening a dedicated personal account on the website, as well as new disciplines that have been wished by the artists : Ceramics, Tapestry, Jewelry, Garden Arts/Landscape. This is why we encourage you to wait a few more weeks.

And above all, do not forget the dream of Dostoievski and Confucius who both thought and worked so that “beauty could save the world”

ART as a carrier of Universality, Beauty, Harmony, Aesthetics and Peace



Founding President

Rachel QIN

Executive President

March 2021

China will host the First Modern “Olympic Arts” in 2023

Why China?

This is a historic meeting whose millennial link between China and ancient Greece, in addition to numerous economic exchanges, was a joint research in the field of culture, art and beauty.


Historical coincidence :

Confucius (551 B.C.) and the Olympic Arts (566 B.C.) were born around the same time.


Philosophical coincidence :

– Confucius became known through a life devoted to the development of wisdom and harmony. He said : « All things have their beauty, but not everyone sees it”

– The modern “Olympic Arts” are the first competition in the world focused solely on the search for beauty, trying to make it perceptible to all by its universality!


This search for beauty is universal: “Beauty will save the world” Dostoïevski

February 2021

A new year starts

The development of Covid-19 around the world has changed our schedule and has led us to consider several possible operating modes for these first modern “Olympic Arts”.

Indeed, on a technical and practical level, the main specificity of the Olymp’Arts is to be able to take place entirely on the Internet in case of a pandemic or a sufficiently serious circumstance to compromise the ‘physical’ course of these Art olympiads.

If such an extreme hypothesis were to arise in 2023, the first modern “Olympic Arts” would therefore switch entirely to the Internet, but would in no case be postponed.

As several countries are still interested today, we are negotiating this organization as best as possible, physical or digital, in the priority interest of the thousands of artists already registered online for these Art olympiads.


We will keep you regularly informed in the “News” of this website which is the only official website of the Olymp’Arts authorized to communicate the latest information, modifications, as well as all the conditions of participation.


All the artists already registered, and all those who will register in the course of the year 2021, will have the necessary time to present their artistic creations and participate in all the selections of 2022 that will precede this historic rebirth of the 2023 summer.


We will communicate all the useful dates to you on this site in due course.

November 2020


An international press conference will be held in March 2021 to officially announce the name of the city that will organize and host the first modern “Olympic Arts”.

The exact date of these Art olympiads during the summer 2023 will also be communicated.

On this occasion, all artists already registered online will be contacted personally in order to complete their registration with a dedicated account. More news will follow shortly.


April​ 2020

Change of dates

Due to the success and the large number of registrations online by artists from more than 177 countries, it has been decided to modify the organization of the different stages of these first modern “Olympic Arts”.

2021 / 2022 : virtual years will be devoted to international selections online by the global public. This will consist of 5 levels. The  selection method of these 5 successive levels will be detailed later. They will begin in June 2021 and will last approximately 16 months.

2023 : the physical year : the Olympiads themselves, which means the physical presentation of the selected works. Duration: 12 days, in the host city. These Olympiads will correspond to the 6th and final public selection which will designate the laureates.

It should be noted that 2023 corresponds to the historical reference provided by the ancient Greeks who planned the Olympic Arts  “… the 3rd year after the {summer} Olympic Games” (winter games did not exist in Antiquity).

We will inform you in good time of all the necessary details concerning the city chosen and the different dates proposed for sending extracts and pilots, the “dead-lines” for each of the dates, as well as the precise calendar for the different selections.

So you have sufficient time because you can send them until the end of 2022.

This time limit is necessary because we want to give artists time to reflect and design a work of art that is true to the values and in keeping with the general theme proposed.

You are going to take part in a totally new and original “competition” : to bring together exclusively, in a single work of art, the greatest number of humanistic values which tend towards universal beauty.

If you have already sent an extract or a complete work, it is perfectly possible for you to modify it, rework it, change it or replace it, until the deadline, end of 2022.

In 2020, when our new website is finished, you will also receive all the information that will allow you to complete your personal account.

Just a little more patience and don’t forget to check out “News” on our site regularly.

Always keep in mind that “beauty will save the world“!

The beauty that you must seek to express is that which defies all reason, which cannot be defined in words, which cannot be analyzed, but which immediately arouses in the observer or the spectator an inexpressible and “staggering” exultation.

It’s up to you to find it. This is the very philosophy of the “Olympic” spirit!

Good luck !

February​ 2020

Message for applying artists

The development of interactivity on our website will still require some time to optimize and make our algorithms as efficient as possible. In due time, you will receive a lot of information about how to participate, how to open your individual account, and about the quick means of exchange with us that will be put in place.

In the meantime, for all those who have already worked and prepared an excerpt, a pilot, an image or a pitch summarizing the spirit of the work they are preparing, you can send it to us now.

Some of these will be selected by us and placed on the social networks as part of Olymp’Arts, exclusively.

But be careful, you should not in any case, of your own initiative, put extracts or works of art that you send us on the social networks.

This for 2 main reasons:

  1. the anonymity of the works that will be presented to the global public must be total, and by disclosing your work yourself, this anonymity may be broken, which would automatically exclude your final participation. The names of the artists will be disclosed after the final selection.
  2. The works that are to be proposed to the world public will have to respect strict conditions and a strict protocol concerning the order of their exhibition in order to guarantee you against plagiarism and piracy.

By the way, we are now going to activate the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc …) permanently to circulate information, and open debates around ART to which you can participate. And above all, we invite you to “share” with your family, your friends, and all your relations the exchanges and the information that we will circulate there every week.

See you soon on these social networks!

You can send us your files by one of the following means:


Message for the world public who are going to vote

We also invite all participants in the global voting to join us on the social networks so as to take part in the exchanges and share them with the greatest number of personal contacts.


To all internet users

The Olymp’Arts aim to put artists in the front line, in all disciplines, and stimulate them in this international movement to awaken consciences by exposing, through their creations, all they can express in terms of universality and harmony, without ever using violence, conflict or provocation.

If you share these ideas, thinking like us, that artists are the preferred vectors for approaching beauty by making us feel exciting emotions about the future of humanity, join us on the social networks.

It’s a huge challenge in today’s global environmental turmoil, and it’s the number of your connections and positive approvals that will accelerate its success.

Beauty is a subjective notion. To become universal and objective, it must result from a synthesis of the main humanist values. These values ​​are those of the “Olympic arts”: harmony, aesthetics, emotion, non-violence, joy. Separately, they have no power. But the union of these qualities in the same work of art can tend towards this ideal beauty.

Dostoevsky thought that “beauty will save the world”. If you think so, if you hope so, you are very welcome. You must create a work that allows you to dream of an ideal world! A universal work per excellence is one that is able to make us feel the same emotion, instantly, whatever the culture or the language of the person who contemplates it.



All the dates will be modified soon and you will be informed on the site that we invite you to consult regularly. Other information will be communicated to you directly by email.

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