The News

August 2019

Dates to remember (care, some dates have been postponed)

  • Deadline for registration and sending extracts and pilots : July 31, 2020
  • Result of pre-selections by the world public online : October 30, 2020
  • Result of final selections by the world public online : January 31, 2021
  • The artists selected to participate in the Olymp’Arts in July 2021 in Cannes, will receive all the information they will need to prepare their participation in February 2021.


Cannes in 2021

CANNES, the most famous artistic city, will host the first Olymp’Arts, from 2nd – 9th July, 2021.

The city of CANNES guarantees us world-wide repercussion, with the support of the most important artistic, institutional and political personalities, both local and national, and that of the Reed MIDEM (MIDEM – MIP TV – MIP COM).


Evolution of the OA website

Our website is evolving. Each registered candidate will have soon a personal account. Still a little patience and you will be able to open your personal account.

The site will permanently display all the works of the candidates who have been selected by the world public and who have been presented at an Olympiad. The duration of this exhibition, open and free for any visitor to the site, will be 4 years (time difference between two Olympic Arts).

We invite you to remember the values ​​that must be respected carefully : they are essential, and the work that you present will be selected if it meets these imposed criteria. The aim is the most objective search for universal beauty.

Beauty is a subjective notion. To become universal and objective, it must result from a synthesis of the main humanist values. These values ​​are those of the “Olympic arts”: harmony, aesthetics, emotion, non-violence, joy. Separately, they have no power. But the union of these qualities in the same work of art can tend towards this ideal beauty.

Dostoevsky thought that “beauty will save the world”. If you think so, if you hope so, you are very welcome.

You must create a work that allows you to dream of an ideal world!

A universal work per excellence is one that is able to make us feel the same emotion, instantly, whatever the culture or the language of the person who contemplates it.


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