Ambassador of the Olymp’Arts in Western Europe (South) & Co-Founder

Cesare Nissirio was born in Rhodes, in 1940, from a Greek father born in Cairo, and an Italian mother born in Russia whose own parents were opera singers.

From an early age (he started to teach French at 16), he dedicated himself to French history for which he developed a passion, thanks to his mother (a French professor). He shared this passion with his students during his teaching years, with Jacqueline Risset at “La Sapienza” University of Rome (1973-1977). He then worked with the French Cultural Center of Rome (1978-1984) and at the Villa Medicis (1984-1991) where he was in charge of public relations and often hired to work in the organization of numerous events covered by the press. In 1981, he gave a tribute to Eric Satie with concerts, exhibitions and meetings for a month. Then, in 1984, in joint efforts with the city of Rome, he paid tribute to Claude Debussy (for the centenary of the Prize of Rome) by dedicating artistic manifestations to him for four months between the Villa Médicis, the Opera of Rome, the S. Cecilia Academy, and so on and so forth.

In 1987, he founded the cultural association “Athena Parthenos”. He also created the Parisian Museum of Rome, in which he organized many exhibitions. Two years later, he founded the Month of Photography in Rome, renewed in the ten subsequent years.

The Parisian Museum of Rome is a unique institution in the world, solely dedicated to French culture and more specifically to the Parisian culture. It proves Cesare Nissirio’s genuine love for France which is like his second homeland. In 2012, the Parisian Museum celebrated its 25 years of activity. A leaflet, published on this occasion, showed all the activities of the Museum during those years. Most of the events organized  there were made in partnership or with the support of the most important French institutions in Rome (French Embassy, French Academy in Rome, French Cultural Center and Saint-Louis de France Center) but especially with Italian public institutions such as the Italian Government, the Department of Culture, the City of Rome, the Academy and the Auditorium of Music “S. Cecilia”, the Opera of Rome, the Italian National Library, as well as numerous Italian’s town halls such as Turin, Florence, Siena, Milan, Naples, Bari,  Benevente, Gubbio, Positano, Potenza, Alassio, Ischia, Vicence, Treviso, Spoleto, Sorrente, Anzio, Tarquinia, Sanremo… The Parisian Museum of Rome is recognized as a prestigious institution thanks to the quality and the originality of its events, often standing out from modern Italian cultural representations.

He also founded many French Festivals in Italy : Three editions of Douce France in Sanremo, La Seine à Sienne, but also Sous le ciel de Paris in Rome, Tarquinia (5th edition this year) and in Sorrente.

For two decades, Cesare Nissirio organized events in partnership with the Artistical Action of the City of Paris (to which he dedicated an exhibition in Rome) that is chaired by Mrs. Béatrice de Andia. He mainly organized events as part of the twinning project between Paris and Rome by presenting exhibitions as much in Paris as in Rome. He worked in collaboration with the Hall de la Chanson, the founder manager Serge Hureau. He created different projects with the latter, the most important one being Paris Canaille, a kind of festival dedicated to songs that happened in 1996, in the prestigious concert halls of the Exhibition Palace of Rome.  Nowadays, he prepares a tribute to Charles Trénet, for the 10th anniversary of his death, with the Hall de la Chanson. He collaborates with the city of Grenoble and the PLIC, institution supported by the Italian Department of Foreign Affairs, in charge of the teaching of the Italian culture and language, in the region of Isère, France.

He was decorated by the French Government of Academic Palms and Arts and Letters and by the City of Paris with a Vermeil Medal, the most prestigious award of la Marie de Paris. He is a member of the Società dei Francesisti. His name is officially recorded in the French-Language Dictionary as well as in the Dance Dictionary, thanks to the exhibitions he devoted to this art. The former deputy mayor of the city of Grenoble, Mrs. Marie-Claire Nepi, suggested his candidacy to the Legion of Honor. Thanks to his success with the Parisian Museum of Rome, he was awarded with the Prize of the Italian Council President for Culture, in 1998. The Italian President awarded him several times with medals rewarding his initiatives. Artist, writer, journalist, cultural events promoter, artistic director of festivals, mostly about French culture, he often presents shows and concerts. At the age of 60, he took some singing classes (for four years) and became a professional singer. He thus started to promote French songs in major Italian theaters.

Cesare Nissirio performed with his master Caio Bascerano (piano), a conductor who accompanied, in Cairo and Rome, great French artists such as Charles Trénet, Dalida, Edith Piaf, Gilbert Becaud, and Yves Montand…  He now performs with his band Paris qui Chante (Paolo Rozzi with the accordion and Giovanni Truncellito at the piano). The Italian press and RAI TV often dedicated entire pages and TV documentaries to the events of the Parisian Museum of Rome. After many exhibitions dedicated to French culture (Paris on a table, Bookworms, the Opera of Paris and Dance, Paris by bike, Parisian transportation, At sea…) he presented a new exhibition about dance in Italy while preparing an exhibition on Edith Piaf to celebrate the centenary of her birth, in the fall of 2015.

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