Ambassador of the Olymp’Arts in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia & Co-Founder

Born in Birobidjan (Western Russia).

Diploma : University of Languages (University of Irkoutsk).

1972 – 1985 Professor at the University of Languages (Irkoutsk).

1985 – 1987 Professor at Louis le Grand High School (Paris).

1988 – 2003 Founder and manager of the Cultural Center “École de la paix” (Irkoutsk).

  • Language teacher.
  • Acting teacher.
  • Businessmen trainer in France, Germany and Canada.
  • Organized the Artistic Youth Festival in Irkoutsk and Paris (140 comedians, musicians and students).
  • Organized the festival “La Caravane culturelle” in Irkoutsk (350 creative individuals coming from 24 countries for 4 days : shows, exhibitions, concerts, discussions and seminars about different topics).
  • Supervised the shooting of the movie “Contre jour de la Sibérie” (Coproduction Profilma, Paris and Mosfilm, Moscow).
  • Supervised the filming of a movie about the perestroika for the French television (Irkoutsk- Birobidjan).
  • Organized the co-production and the show’s tour “Allons enfants de la Comédie” at the THEAMU theater (Paris) and at the Drama Theater of Irkoutsk and Krasnoyarsk.
  • Organized the Private School “Ecole Waldorf libre” –Free Waldorf school– in Irkoutsk.
  • Organized the International Symposium “Est-Ouest, la recherche du développement de la Russie” – East – West, research on Russian development –  (Irkoutsk-Baïkal).
  • Created the European House in Irkoutsk (with the support of the European council).
  • Organized the festival “Lʼespace et la limite de la liberté” – Space and the limits of freedom – (Irkoutsk-Baïkal).
  • Created the Summer Theatrical School of Baïkal.
  • Organized the show’s tour of the Theatrical School of Irkoutsk “Eléphant Horton” in Switzerland and Germany.
  • Participated to the “Est-Ouest” festival of Die (France).

1992 : Organized the festival “La Caravane Culturelle”, a special train Berlin – Moscou – Irkoutsk – Oulan Bator, with 350 participants from 24 countries, 25 artistic representations and 30 seminars during 4 days, with a thousand of spectators.

Since 1993, he is participating to the Olympic Arts project. Since 1995, he is a Council Executive Ambassador for Eastern Europe and North East Asia.

Since 2000, he is the manager and director of the “Théâtre linguistique” studio.

Here are the shows performed by the studio :

  • “Sauve-nous, poète” – Save us, poet –, (play based on J. Prévert’s poems which won the contest of the French Embassy in Russia and was chosen for the Avignon festival),
  • “Ce que parler veut dire” – What talking means – based on a play by Jean Tardieu,
  • “Cherchez la femme” – Look for the woman – based on a play by Igor Livant,
  • “Les visiteurs du soir” – Night’s guests – from a script by J. Prévert,
  • “Les 4 femmes” – The four women – based on the play by Chekhov “Les trois sœurs” – The 3 sisters,
  • “Des cendres et des lampions” – Ashes and paper lanterns – from a play by Noël Renaude,
  • “Curriculum Vitae ou Collage Prévert” – Resume or Prévert collage – adapted from poems and short plays by J. Prévert,
  • “Conversation entre femmes” – Conversation between women – based on a story by Valentine Raspoutine,
  • “Kachtanka” based on a story by Anton Chekhov.

Other theater-related activities :

Participation with comedians from the studio to the theatrical project of Armand Gatti, entitled “Traversée des langages” – Across Languages – in Evrard (France).

Since 1985, he has been developing his own new method called “Théâtre linguistique” and has been using it to teach French and Russian in France, Switzerland, Germany and Russia and for comedian trainings. Languages through theater and theater through language.

Literary activities :

  • Translation and editing of works by J. Prévert, as part of the Pouchkin program, with the support of the French Department of Foreign Affairs and the French Embassy in Russia,
  • Translation and editing of poems by French and Swiss modern poets residing around the lake Leman, with the support of the Irkoutsk Union of Writers,
  • Translation and editing of stories by French and Swiss writers living by the lake Leman, with the support of the city of Irkoutsk,
  • Translation and editing of the play “LʼEnfant-rat”, by Armand Gatti,
  • Creation and editing of the book “Bonheur Juif”, translated in French, German and Italian,
  • Participation in the editing of Prévert’s Album (Gallimard, Bibliothèque de la Pléiade, 1992).

Since 1985, he has worked and been in contact with :

Pierre Prévert, Catherine Prévert, Robert Doisneau, Paul Grimault, Alexandre Trauner, Armand Gatti, Elène Chatelain, Günter Walraff, Alain Brossat, Jean-Yves Potel, André Heinrich, Nadine Audoubert, Klown Dimitri, Claudia Claudia Conti, Ferrucio Merisi , Yves Lebreton, Boulat Okoudjava, Valentin Raspoutine, A1lfred Chnitke, Ilia Routberg, Valéry Chevtchenko and Viatcheslav Kokorin.

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