Ambassador of the Olymp’Arts in Europe

Finnish artist, Kimmo Pasanen studied philosophy and art drawing at the University of Helsinki.

After obtaining his master’s degree, he left for Latin America to work in technical cooperation with international organizations including the United Nations.

This seven-year mission took him to Africa, from where he returned to Paris in order to study fine arts. He settled there permanently after a detour of a few years in Helsinki to improve himself at the Academy of fine arts.

His interest in art philosophy led him to pass a PhD thesis at the Sorbonne on the theme – “Empty painting, the meaning of the work and the games of art”.

He taught art philosophy in both Helsinki and in Paris and occupied the position of director of the Finnish Cultural Institute in Paris for three years.

His work has been the subject of personal and international group exhibitions, for example in New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Toronto, Rome, Seoul, Helsinki and of course in Paris.

As an author of numerous articles in specialized journals, he has given a number of lectures at international symposiums.

He also published a book about the philosophical foundations of art and their historical evolution from iconic art in the Middle Ages, titled Musta neliö. Abstract Secrets, Taide, Helsinki, 2004 (The Black Square, The Secrets of Abstract Art).

In June 2008, he published his second book, Tyhjyys itämaisessa ajattelussa ja taiteessa, Teos, Helsinki 2008 (Emptiness in oriental Thought and Art).

Kimmo Pasanen teaches painting and drawing in small groups in his studio.

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