Ambassador of the Olymp’Arts in Oceania and South East Asia & Co-Founder

Born 13 September, 1949 in New Zealand. Dual French and New Zealand nationality.

Eldest daughter of Wing Commander Hugh Miller who had returned from service with the Royal Air Force, and his English born wife, Mary was brought up in the pioneering spirit of post-war New Zealand and become a strong and capable young woman who had a yearning to travel the world and speak different languages. Her international career in the travel industry led her to the four corners of the globe, as guide and then manager of her own travel company.

Her marriage to a French diplomat opened up a world of European politics, culture and gastronomy. Postings in cities such as Tokyo, Stockholm and Spain gave Mary precious experience and exposure to languages. Opportunities came for a career that included representation of New Zealand organic food product in Europe, positions as Language Manager of the World Soccer Cup and Olympic Games sites and finally managing her own relocation company in France, facilitating the settlement of executives and companies who took advantage of her vast knowledge of international cultural and administrative challenges. Her knowledge of English, French, Spanish, German and Swedish have been important in her career path.

Mary has always been involved in associations and clubs. From winning a national competition in France with a project on recycling to becoming the first and long-standing president of the Air France Madame club in the South West region of France, Mary has been involved in sport, cultural initiatives and social inter-connection with people from all over the world. One of the highlights of her busy life has been to be a founding member of the Olympic Arts committee, as senator representing New Zealand and South East Asia (1995-2000).

Experience in positions involving responsibility and attaining objectives on an international scale has taken Mary all over the globe but she returned to her country of birth New Zealand in 2008.

Life is still full of activity and dedication to her own business in the capital of New Zealand, Wellington where Mary now runs for different cultural activities and maintains her connections with the rest of the world.

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