the olympic revival of Art

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Art up the world

“Beauty will save the world!”

Dostoïevski 1821-1881

Art as the source of knowledge

Creativity at the service of freedom and peace

Humanistic values as the sole criteria of selection

What are the Olymp’Arts?

The Olymp’Arts, whose vocation is the revival of the “Olympiads of Art” initiated by the ancient Greeks in 566 BC at the time of the games of the same name, is an international non-governmental organization (INGO) created in 1995 at UNESCO.

A unique cultural event​

It is in 2023 will present the first edition of the modern “Olympic Arts”, welcoming the best artists selected by the 206 states invited to participate.


For the first time, an artistic gathering will impose these humanist values on its artists in an exhaustive way.

This is an unprecedented artistic experience whose goal is to provide jubilation and immediate joy to as many people as possible, without requiring any previous knowledge.



The Olymp’Arts will offer a new vision of Art in all its forms.


The theme of this first modern “Olympiad of Art” is “Environment and Energy”, in the spirit of sustainable development.

Symbols of an era, the environment, energy and respect for the environment are, in all their forms, the main concern at the beginning of the 21st century, and our most beautiful challenge for tomorrow.


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