What are the Olymp’Arts?

The first modern and multi-disciplinary artistic competition based on the Art olympiads as defined by the ancient Greeks.

The artists, amateurs or professionals, will compete in 12 disciplines facing a jury represented solely by a world-wide audience.

Based on strong values such as universality and non-violence, the Olymp’Arts will reward 3 works in each discipline which will have won over the heart of the public.

What are our values?

Our core values radically reformulate the existing principles of all artistic competitions.

Universality must guide the works in a search for emotion and harmony of forms and sounds that will bring together the characteristics most common to all cultures.

Non-violence, too often forgotten in modern artistic productions, is an assumed choice, beauty and violence being two opposite characteristics. We believe that violence is contrary to any universal and harmonious artistic form.

Who are we?

Professional artists, amateur artists and arts enthusiasts gathered around a single non-profit* organization: the Olymp’Arts!

The rebirth of the “Art olympiads” was established in 1995 at UNESCO (Paris), under the original generic title of « Les Arts Olympiques » / « Olympic Arts » by 65 countries who signed the first founding charter. This name was replaced in 2016 by « Les Arts de l’Olympe » / « Olymp’Arts ».

*The Olymp’Arts have no direct or indirect link with the International Olympic Committee.

Where will the Olymp’Arts be held?

We abide to the nowadays technological tools by presenting the first physical competition determined by Internet votes.

The “Art Olympiads” will be organized in a host city that will welcome the artists of all origins.

In a responsible approach, we wish to use only the unique places and filled with history of the host cities. No request for construction will be made by our organization.

The candidate cities to receive the Olymp’Arts will have to respond favorably to the specifications which will be presented to them and to guarantee the technical and logistical organization.

When and how will it happen?

To respect the historical calendar, the Olymp’Arts will be held every 4 years (olympiad), 3 years after each summer sports game.

  • Opening of registration for artists, 4 years before each Olympiad
  • Pre-selection of artists and their works, 2 years before each Olympiad
  • Running of the Olympiads : presentation of the works and shows for two weeks and vote of the world public, online and on the event place.

Who can participate in the Olymp’Arts?

Everyone can participate since it is a universal competition that wishes to bring all cultures together.

You are an artist, amateur or professional, handicapped or not, minor or adult, and you wish to take up the challenge to create a universal work that can move people on our beautiful planet? Welcome!

You are a spectator and you would like to be a part of the juryRegister now and as early as 2020, you will have the opportunity to create your personal space on our site.

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